Friday, March 23, 2007

Politics (2004): more criminals will fall


OUR (twice) Illegally ELECTED PRESIDENT (did you FORGET FLorida/Supreme's in 2000 AND OHIO in 2004??)

IS about to have his 2004 OHIO election results INVESTIGATED by a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR in OHIO...

THE REG REPORTS: New criminal investigation into Ohio elections:

After reading a report compiled by election board public monitor CSU's Candice Hoke., the County Prosecutor ...snip... read the report and said there were several "worrying" things within.

  • It looks as though someone had (unathorized) access to the system.
  • people with access to the election computer shared the same password.
  • Keys to the tabulation room were kept in an unlocked box.
  • A cable to the computer controlling the election was apparently left plugged in all night on the evening of the election.

Now a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate.

And interestingly enough, the new special prosecutor was the man behind the investigations that led to last week's conviction of two election workers for rigging the recount in the 2004 presidential elections.

Hmmm.. Can we overturn the NIGHTMARE????


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