Wednesday, March 21, 2007

IronY: Pirates angry at P2P sharing, loses money!

Over here at TorrentFreak

We're treated to the reflections of a Software pirate from the UK, reflecting on the early 90's when his business was booming:

...He started his life of piracy ... in the 1990’s working markets, (back of car... sales and pubs in the UK, selling counterfeit PC applications/games and console discs for a fraction of the retail price.
“The profit was amazing back then” he recalls “We were getting £25 ($48) for a couple of PSX games and £15 ($29) for a single CDR with the latest utilities on. We couldn’t make them fast enough.” Things were looking good for his little enterprise and before long he was clearing up to £1000 ($1,942) profit each week.

Eventually, This guy was...
very clear about why his rags to riches story has gone back to rags again. “File-sharing, P2P - call it what you like. When you asked a customer why he wasn’t buying anything, 9 times out of 10 it was ‘BitTorrent this, LimeWire that’. Add that to the fact that huge numbers of PC users have burners and fast broadband and its obvious why I had to get out and earn a living another way. We had it good for a while but I don’t think those days are coming back.”

I thought this was really funny, and that's why I wanted to share this story (see the ORIGINAL for a FULL laugh...)

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