Friday, February 16, 2007

Tech: The Smoker's back BACK door

AUGH, and GRRRR...

As someone who's been an email/UNIX/LINUX administrator for over 15 years, I just can't believe what I read at times...

Social Engineering :The term has been popularized in recent years by well known (reformed) computer criminal and security consultant Kevin Mitnick who points out that it's much easier to trick someone into giving you his or her password for a system than to spend the effort to hack in. He claims it to be the single most effective method in his arsenal.

Workplace smoke ban a 'gift' for hackers

In a recent social engineering test undertaken by aUK-based security group, a tester was able to easily gain access to a corporate building through a back door that was left open for smokers.

Once inside, the penetration tester was able to easily bluff his way into a meeting room, claiming the IT department had sent him.

Even without an ID card, he gained access unchallenged and was then able to connect his laptop to the firm's network.


Original Article here at The Register:

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