Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mideasT: Iran's President: :Holocaust just an excuse.

Hooo Haaa.

He's Done it again. Iran's President says "Just an Excuse!"

He answers a question with a question... Are we sure he ISN'T JEWISH???

Dianne Sawyer asks:
Let's turn to Israel for a moment. I do not want to debate again the whole question of the Holocaust — whether the Holocaust is a myth, which you have said. Would you be willing to go to Auschwitz and see their documentation? You're a scientist. Would you be willing to look at the room with documentation?

Ahmadinejad: Do you think it would solve any problem?

Sawyer: It would be information for you if you genuinely believe it's a myth.
Ahmadinejad continues:
Well, one of the methods used for concealing the truth is diverting a topic.

Question is if Holocaust is true. ½ of the Palestinian issue, why for the excuse of the Holocaust we have an illegitimate government in Palestine?

Mark says, EXCUSE ME???

HAD the FERSUGENER Arabs ACCEPTED the 1948 UN two state solution to the ISRAEL problem there would TODAY be TWO STATES... AN Arab state (Palestine), and Israel

What a interesing DIVERSION of the truth...
THe UN proposed TWO states in 1948.
The jews accepted and the ARABS rejected this, and attacked the new state.

REVISIONIST history again!

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it's the little things said...

I forget the stats, but didn't Israel offer to meet 98% of the Palestinians demands....and then the Palestinians rejected the offer because it was not 100%