Monday, January 01, 2007

StupiD is As StupiD DoeS: I told YOU SO Dept:

"I told you So Department"
links to her great photos are HERE:

In a Stunning, Amazingly "STUPID Does"(™ I Claim ALL future royalties from this name!)moment, Miss Nevada USA(below) (a stepping stone to Miss USA and then Miss Universe) is seen

in the top photo Ms. Reeves (originally claiming to be 17, (UNDERAGE!!) is seen in a bar, baring some body parts.

Next we are treated to a visual, showing her lovely G-string'd Arse.

And in the picture to the boomtom (oops bottom) , we show the oh, so sorry Miss Nevada in a demure pose, claiming the pictures were taken:
1) when she was UNDER the drinking age (in a bar, with a glass of beer in one hand
2) when she was not aware of the implications of baring a boob
3) Was just too F*ing Drunk to even understand these pictures would ruin her
chances of EVER becoming a SUPREME Court JUDGE after graduating HS (never mind LAW SCHOOL!)

And she finally admitted she was 19, and not 17 in the pictures, which is STILL under-aged to be drinking..

To ALL you ladies (or ladies-in-training/waiting) out there:
A few simple rules to avoid this:

1) once your female parts have developed avoid the following:

a) Sunbathing without a bra or top
b) doing "the dirty" with your boyfriend in front of a video or STILL camera *
c) going to a local watering hole, getting so piss-drunk, that you remove parts of your clothing as seen in the above pictures...

Following these three rules will help you when you are a so called "ADULT", and will greatly enhance the chances that 1) you will be ACCEPTED to Law school, and 2) will GREATLY enhance the slight chance you may even be allowed to become a judge, let alone a "Supreme" (court justice)

* No matter HOW much you are "in love" with your current boyfriend, no matter WHAT he says to you, DO NOT EVER EVER EVER pose/take off your clothes for him or a friend with a video/still camera UNLESS you aspire to become a stripper or a porn star!!!!


This great feature is dedicated to a dear female that I respect and love very much, whose name will be withheld since she manages to make fun of ME every time that the subject has come up...

and I quote " So, you do the dirty (pix) and you STILL want to be on the SUPREME COURT? Do you know HOW much your long forgotten boyfriend, or the guy at the bar, who snapped you will GET for those pictures??? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

Just remember to keep your BRA and pants BUTTONED when you're in a bar, and if you're alone with your boyfriend and he says it's hot watching you on the video, just say, "OH, lets rent someone else to watch instead..., I'm so BORING"


Anonymous said...

I don't see anything wrong with a). I think America in general is a bit prudish about nudity. But agree with you wholeheartedly on b) and c). She really should know better.

Malissa said...

those are some VVVVEEEEERRRRYYYYYY naughty pictures...ew

Rat In A Cage said...

I had a (now) ex nag me repeatedly to do the video thing. I finally accepted on the condition that I kept the tape. So there is also that option.