Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Lights- A Proposal Jan 15

January 15th. The day ALL Christmas Lights MUST be removed/disabled.

If you are one of the FEW people on earth who never saw the "christmas house" last year on Good Morning America, here it is. They were actually ordered to take it down, due to crowd control issues!

As an fyi, The creator and owner (Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio) now has a business designing syncronized light shows (Yay. the internet paid off for someone!)

NOW: Business:
I propose that January 15th should be designated as the day ALL Christmas Lights
MUST be removed/disabled before fines of 1cent (factorial) per day start to occur.

Please don't laugh. one (cent) factorial is nothing to laugh at:

Look at this fine table!

If your lights ARE NOT removed by: you will pay a fine!

Date Fine Total $$ Due Weekly fine
Jan 16 1 cent 1 cent
Jan 17 2 cents 3 cents
Jan 18 3 cents 6 cents
Jan 19 6 cents 12 cents
Jan 20 12 cents 24 cents
Jan 21 24 cents 48 cents
Jan 22 48 cents 96 cents $0.96 cents
Jan 23 96 cents 192 cents
Jan 24 192cents 384 cents
Jan 25 384cents 786 cents
Jan 26 786 cents 1536 cents
Jan 27 1536 cents 3072 cents
Jan 28 3072 cents 6144 cents
Jan 29 6144 cents 12288 cents $122.88
Jan 30 12288 cents 24576 CENTS
jan 31 24,576 cents 49,152 cents

As you can see, From January 16 till Feb 1st, fines start
to get very very HEAVY for those leaving their lights on!

Fines should be designated to a local food or homeless charity!

and if you DON't take your lights down by Feburary 1st, you will pay

$491.52 $ in fines and owe the charity $983.04!!!!

SO you see this can be a great incentive to get RID of holiday lights, and
make our communities more self reliant!

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Markbnj said...


CLIP and PRINT this POST, and
put a COPY on the DOOR of people who STILL have their Christmas lights up!

DOUBLE fines for people who keep trees up ALL YEAR...

TRIPLE fines for people who redecorate a TREE EVERY season!