Monday, December 11, 2006

RemindeR: Two ** TWO * Poetry Blogs

I now have not ONE, but TWO DIfferent Poetry Blogs

My Daily Poem: at


the Automatic Poetry Machine™ (aka) the A.P.M.™

Where YOU give me the topic (a Topic, A name, and a mood), and I write a poem for you!


PS: Here's a sample of the Daily Poem:

I ALSO have both topical (like on the topic of Iraq, as well as seasonal stuff)

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

Christmas cheer is near
Oh, set up another beer.

It's time for stopping carols now,
Let's go and get some chow.

Chinese food, if you please
They don't play carols now.

From store to store I go and go
and all I hear is "cheer".

Oh. Muzak sucks right now.
Do you need me to tell you how?

I cannot get this tune from my head,
I'd (almost) rather be dead.

Oh. Muzak sucks in December.
Somewhat better rest of the year.

I have no brain cells left, and it's
Not quite yet New Years Eve!

--author's Note --
Written in a store with non-stop christmas muzak ALL night long!

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