Sunday, November 26, 2006

HumoR: Worlds unluckiest Man?

The Register continues to be a huge source for us of the crazy and insane, but this may top
them all!

A 54-year-old Brit, locally dubbed as "Britain's unluckiest man" - has continued a lifelong tradition of mishaps by falling down a manhole.
(Are we sure that this is only Britain's Unluckiest man, and not the "Worlds Worst Klutz"??

Our subject has:
* began his career as a child, when he fell off a horse and cart and was run
over by a delivery van.

excuse me. Is that ONE or TWO accidents?
one (when he fell off a horse and cart and was run over by a delivery van.)
Two (I vote for TWO different accidents!)

His History:
  1. as a kid, when he fell off a horse and cart
  2. and was also run over by a delivery van
  3. As a teenager, he fell from a tree and broke his arm.
  4. On his way home from hospital - on Friday 13th - the bus he was in crashed, provoking another fracture in the same arm.
  5. he's been hit by lightning twice,
  6. (2nd lightning hit for those counting the bullets!)
  7. been the victim of a rock-fall in a mine
  8. has nearly drowned
  9. and has enjoyed three car crashes. (First crash)
  10. (second Crash)
  11. (third crash -- Poor bastard!)
  12. This time he fell down a manhole, and suffered injuries to his back, left leg and both knees as a result of the tumble, and will be out of action for 32 weeks


And I thought I was a klutz!!!


Malissa said...

damn...that poor man...he really is Britian's Unluckiest Man!!!

and as you said... I thought i was the biggest klutz in the world...guess not

Onyx said...

Do you think he's the world's biggest klutz or just the most published one? :-)

Onyx said...

Tag, you're it!