Wednesday, October 04, 2006

HumoR: - Too little Too Late Department

Ok. this is a LITTLE late, as we're now waiting for book # 7

Excite News - Ga. Mother Seeks Harry Potter Ban

OK. This is the STUPID is as STUPID DOES department. And I quote.
Laura Mallory, of Loganville, Ga., holds up a brochure for a summer camp for learning the art of witchcraft, in an effort to show the influence of the fictional Harry Potter, while presenting her case to have the Harry Potter book series during a hearing in front of a Gwinnett County board of education officer, Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2006, in Atlanta. Mallory is attempting to have the Harry Potter book series removed from Gwinnett County classrooms and school libraries. Mallory has argued that the stories promote and glorify witchcraft.

I'm Gonna be REALLY nice and NOT publish this Fundemental Christian's Phone number and address.
However it took me less then 2 minutes, and I even found out that there are 25 Sexual offenders living in her neighborhood. Perhaps she should concentrate on preventing that instead of fictional witches.

I have but ONE word. AUGH. Augh me mateys. Tis a shame that National Talk like a pirate day is but once a year!

Markie Mark

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Molly said...

Jesus Christ...what a freaking idiot.

That lady shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids, schools, or librarys!