Tuesday, October 10, 2006

HumoR: Hit me. HARDER. H*A*R*D*E*R* I SAID!

'I didn't get where I am today without being spanked'

OUCH. HIT ME . HIT ME I Say... Harder

'I didn't get where I am today without being spanked' | The Register

Top US execs have revealed the secret of their success: regular thrashings as children which taught them "important lessons, essential on the road to success."
AND EVERY TIME my SON gets out of hand and I start to "Thrash" him, I get threatened with a call to Youth Services. Sigh

Well I say, GIVE IT TO him HARD, so he understands that STUFF matters.

One executive said,
"I received the belt when I deserved it, which was about six times a year. The discipline influence remains for a lifetime. It was a major contributor to my success."
Another (female) executive says:
she was "beaten with a stick from the family's peach tree".
Yet another says, that

Corporal punishment helped with my success. I needed to learn self-discipline and to focus on a goal. I certainly wouldn't have done that if I had grown up with Mary Poppins.

And one more said,

"I'd say that 90 per cent or more executives got spankings and these are people who have turned out to be stable, focused, and competitive guys."

BUT... The bottom line...
If some spanked children grow up to be successful, even billionaires, it's like saying, go ahead and smoke because two-thirds of smokers don't get lung cancer."

Gee. And I thought for a second I was HARMING my child by NOT "switching" him!

Sigh (as usual)

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