Monday, October 09, 2006

DemocracY: A proposal for Recovery (TERM LIMITS)

Here's the answer: Very Simple...

I can't believe I didnt think of this before I read this in the TIME magazine cover story.


18 years. Three senate Terms, or (heaven help us) 9 HOUSE terms.

That's it. And yes, you could run from senate to House and Vice Versa. (Let them suffer!)

One concession to modern politics: Current incumbents will NOT be required to retire until they hit either a) the 18 year limit, or b) ONE more term(for senate) or THREE more terms for House... that gives them more incentive to complete their term.

Oh, and I think we need to start a new "Peace Corp" type program for these Highly skilled Political professionals, for POST CONGRESS support.
Something along the lines of a Professional Spokesman corps, where these newly retired politicians can help continue their salary, and help the United States.
Ideas for positions can range from:
  • United Nations Dedicated Aide: Say one has education experience. He can easily become a subject matter expert assisting a UN group (say: in the Congo), in building new schools.
  • UN Election Monitors: Political experts can help keep elections (outside of the US) free and fair. That might even free up some UN personnel to monitor US elections (hee).
  • International Monetary Funds.
  • School Rebuilding teams.
  • Green Ecology teams
At any rate, this position of the "Post Congress Corp", could be a way that we Americans can actually start to ASSIST the rest of the world.

No if's but's or any other exemptions.

The reasons I've chosen 18 years, are:
  1. Time limits for both houses are the same.
  2. 18 years will STILL give time for a senator, or congressman to get tenure, and senority the way they do NOW.

This COULD be a bi-partisan answer.

Oh, and if possible (highly unlikely) I'd change the US presidency to ONE six year term, similar to Mexico. No re-elections, and 2 extra years to get stuff accomplished.

A political Neophyte, but one with balls!

By the way, this idea is ENTIRELY mine


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