Friday, September 22, 2006

TecH: Second Life :A virtual R&D town

IBM's 'secret island'in Second Life

Ok for those who don't know,SecondLife, (SL) is more then a game, it's sort of a way of life, I guess.

( but you knew that.

OK. Second life is DIFFERENT. That's because Linden Labs, the owner, and creator of the game has enabled this game so that if you develop a macro/program/avitar, you own the
Intellectual property rights to that specific item, and you can then sell it to others in the game for $LINDEN Dollars$. And
there's a REAL life $LINDENDollars Stock exchange to translate REAL US $$$ to LINdEN$ollars

What this means, is that there are REAL people out there, currently making a living selling/programming in Second Life.

Reality. What a concept.

If you read the comments at the end of the above article, you'll see a reference to the future.

What. I think we were already here. It;s starting to look like MAX HEADROOM all over again...
blipverts anyone??

Markie Mark in NJ

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