Tuesday, September 19, 2006

IsraeL: Be careful for what you wish for :Evangelical Zionists.

Y'all must know by now I am a public Radio freak, and listen religiously (ha) to NPR programs (no, I don't have a working television...)

So, Imagine my surprise, when I heard Terri Grosss' FreshAir for Today (Sept 18th 2006)

She talks to
Gershom Gorenberg on Christian Zionism ( A journalist) and
Max Blumenthal on Christian Zionism ( a writer on Christian Zionism) and
Christian Zionism: A Believer's Perspective (John Hagee is the founder of the Christian Zionist group, Christians United for Israel. )

As a Jew who prays three times a day, this was a totally chilling hour of my life.

For the record, I suppose people supporting the state of Israel, is ALWAYS good.
But I wish I could be sure their motive wasn't self-interest, despite John Hagee's claims.

Also, for a group that is only five months old to have lobbied congress in July, with about 2500 followers, and obtaining the blessing of at least 3 senators, and 5 congressmen, I am floored.

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