Tuesday, September 12, 2006

IraQ: A Confirmed Exit Strategy/Exit Date

Why didn't I Think of That?

OK Let's examine the status of Iraq.
  1. We have about 130,000 men and women currently in Iraq.
  2. Yesterday we learned about the fact that MORE troops are being MOVED to help secure Bagdad. The place they're coming from is now in danger of losing the war there.
  3. We now know that ACCORDING to the President (his speech last night) we CANNOT AFFORD to LOSE the WAR in IRAQ.
    1. Going home would make Iraq break up into 3 separate countries. (Kurds, Shia, and Suni)
    2. A HUGE Civil war would CONTINUE to get WORSE. (It Aint too good NOW!!!)
    3. The United States will be TOTALLY 'dissed' and unable to continue as a major "super-power" in the world
    4. The "enemies" of the United States will have HUGE recruitment, and major plans to next hit the US inside of the US. (This was ALSO in last nite's speech.


1) WE are NOW in a War we can NOT afford to Lose (I agree with the president on this)
that HE (as a big CAN of DOO-DOO) started.

2) We have NO withdrawal strategy
3) We CANNOT leave IRAQ, it is unfortunately OUR duty to clean up after "W"'s Stupid, Poorly PLANNED, Poorly Executed Invasion.

THUS The Question:
What CAN we DO?


a) Send in the Clowns. TO the tune of about 500,000 more troops.

  1. Unless we have a ROADBLOCK and troop presence AT EVERY SINGLE Corner of EVERY SINGLE Street in IRAQ, We have wasted 2500 lives just so "W" can say, "You diss'ed my Daddy, I beat YOU up, I WIN".
  2. America Cannot do this alone. We need to Beg the United Nations to help us get a mission together, we will provide 400,000 troops, and they can provide 25,000 people.
  3. We NEED a draft. Bush being a Republican War-Mongerer,(not-withstanding), we HAVE NO Choice (See PREVIOUS post on lost Iraq HERE: )

To those who say bring home the troops? I wish this WASN't another Vietnam, but Bush Did it!
To those who say our kids are too valuable to waste in the mideast? I say the MORE TROOPS we have, the LESS the casualties will be... The less roadside bomb, the less terrorist sucide bombers.

Got a better ANSWER? I'm listening.

Oh, and don't tell me that the answer to peace in the mid-east is getting rid of Israel.
That happens, (Israel loses, or is over-run), what do you think will happen?
a) Ryiad, and Mecca (Saudi Arabia) will become radioactive
b) Most oilfields in the mid-east will also become radioactive.

c) most arab capitals in the mid-east (STARTING with DAMASCUS, and Terhan) will become radioactive.

Unfortunately, I see this as the beginning of Gog vs. Magog. The big trumpet (Shofar) in the sky. You know, like in the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and then NOTHING happened?

We're on a collision course. I see this as a warning that the people running our country are SMOKING SOMTHING, and it AIN't Tobacco. Of course our current President HAS been arressted (and Convicted for DUI/DWI) and ARRESTED for cocaine abuse (but he WAS in college, after all!) SO I Wouldn't be suprised to learn that the powers that be have kept him in the "rush" of it all.

Sigh. Only two more years.

PS: Vote STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC in November. Perhaps a HOSTILE congress may remove the "Unitary President" from the danger he is putting himself and OUR NATION into!

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