Tuesday, September 19, 2006

DemocracY: In Memoriam Five Years later (reprise)

Wow. I rarely read links sent to me in email, but am I glad I read THIS one.

Jonathan Alter, has done a superb job in presenting an ALTERnative to our CURRENT dimension.

In this ALTERnate dimension, Mr. Alter has slightly ALTERED the universe and made a happier, Wiser nation, that is NOT undergoing a crisis, and is NOT in danger of splitting our country in half.

Mr. Alter, on MS-NBC writes: (indented stuff)
President Bush's pragmatic and bipartisan leadership has kept the United States not just strong but unexpectedly popular across the globe.
**Don't we WISH.. (bipartisan?) {Mark sez}
As Bush warned, catching terrorists wasn't easy, but he kept at it.
**Don't we WISH.. (Continuing ONE action without (like an adhd child) flitting off to another activity/invasion?)
Because Bush believes diplomacy requires talking to adversaries as well as friends, even Syria and Iraq were forced to help.
**Don't we WISH.. {I wonder if the puppeteers pulling the strings of the president understand what communications COULD do?!}

At home, some aides suggested that Bush simply tell the nation to "go shopping." But the president knew he had a precious opportunity to ask Americans for real sacrifice. He took John McCain's suggestion and pushed through Congress an ambitious national-service program that bolstered communities and helped train citizens as first responders.
** Don't we WISH...
Soon Bush put the country on a Manhattan Project crash course to get off oil. He bluntly told Detroit that it was embarrassing that Chinese automakers had better fuel efficiency, he classified SUVs as cars, and he imposed a stiff gas tax with a rebate for the working poor. To pay for it, he abandoned his tax cuts for the wealthy, reminding the country that no president in history had ever cut taxes in the middle of a war. This president would be damned if he was going to put more oil money into the pockets of Middle Eastern hatemongers who had killed nearly 3,000 of our people. To dramatize the point, he drove to his 2002 State of the Union address in a hybrid car.
** Don't we WISH... Instead us loyal Americans are told by Bush to simply "go shopping."

I can;t do this any more..
Highly recommended, and please forward this article (together with where you READ about it (here- doy) to ALL your friends....

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Malissa said...

thats sad...i still cant believe those little fuckers came over and did that to us...