Wednesday, August 23, 2006

MideasT: Hostages, Smostages...Kill 'em ALL

Oh YES!!! I love it....

IRAQI style Kidnapping and HOSTAGE taking... rather then the amateur Sucide Homicide Bombers.

THIS makes me chuckle... Yes, I KNOW I am a sick pup!

Did you SEE THIS?
A previously unknown militant group has released a video of two Western journalists who were kidnapped in the Gaza Strip nine days ago. ...snip...(the two from )... Fox News, were shown telling their families they were in "fairly good health".

A fax from the "Holy Jihad Brigades" to news agencies demanded the US release "Muslim prisoners" within 72 hours.

OH great..

SO in 96 Hours we will see them Beheaded!!
and if we're (not lucky) we will see the ENTIRE thing in bloody COLOUR.
Will Fox show it? no way!

IT's TIME TO CELEBRATE if you're jewish..

If you're a moderate, or realistic Arab? Time to sigh and tell your neighbors to ACCEPT the 1948 two state UN solution to the British Mandate.

And btw, This is NOT the way to win public opinion and sway public minds you stupid Terrorist IDIOTS!
Keep doing this and the rest of the palestians will overthrow you too!


PS: Last count: 3 Israelis taken hostage. Zero arab prisoners released. 1,000 lebanese civilians killed. Who started? WE didn't start the fire (OR THE WAR EITHER!!!)