Monday, June 26, 2006

MidEasT: Becoming A HAWK? Too few TROOPS to WIN?

Okay. Now I'm REALLY confused.

THIS week's POLITICAL questions:

Senate Debates asking for a TIMETABLE for withdrawal of TROOPS from IRAQ.
Proposal lead and pushed by democrats. 30 democrats (I think) vote for WITHDRAWAL. Republicians OPPOSE and quash the motion.

Next: Chief IRAQI General says "We can reduce American Troops in IRAQ! (see HERE at the International Herald Tribune (owned by NY times) (or here at the Australian Broadcast Interesting, I couldnt find the NYTimes article online...

The New York Times says the first cuts will come in September, when General George Casey withdraws about 7,000 troops.

In a classified briefing at the Pentagon last week, he reportedly outlined a plan to cut a total of 28,000 troops by December next year.

SO. Now I say, we have a TOTALLY unstructured WAR that I did not approve of, or want.

Now I say we need to (believe it or not... ADD Troops... SUCH as THIS where I said we WERE CLOSE to starting WW III )

We are (STILL) GROSSLY unable to control IRAQ. We CANNOT make this place safe with so FEW TROOPS.

AND now, the "SUCCESS at any COST" guy in the WHITE HOUSE, starts WIMPING out.

AUGH, I am SO SO SO SO conflicted.

We need to GET RID of the idiot in the WHITE HOUSE, and the Defense department
We need to get enough TROOPS there to WIN the war...


What do YOU think???

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