Sunday, May 21, 2006

TecH: MicroSoft Sued to block Vista

Symantec of all people (Companies) has chosen to SUE the hand that bites/feeds them * (*see below) because some of the technology used in the FORTHCOMING (Windows Vista) XP/w2k replacement OS uses Symantec technology

This is funny. (Tivoli--See
This is the same company that in the past has licensed/GIVEN away it's intellectual property to Microsoft for:
* Compression Software (Remember StaC /stacker)- they
bought them...
* Disk Defragmentation (remember Norton Utilities? They
sold the basic version to Microsoft for inclusion in
win95/98 2000/XP

At any rate, the fact that they're suing Microsoft is like
closing the barn door after all the animals have escaped.


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