Thursday, May 18, 2006

TecH: In MemorY: Blue Frog Gives up

Blue Security gives up. Decides spammers are king

I for one am extremely disapointed.

BlueFrog had a great idea: Use the USA-can spam act, find the unsubscribe link in their web site, and have all "members" then use their pc to ALL unsubscribe repeatedly

I installed it, I saw the result. I liked it.

What happened?

I use ONLY web-based mail, NEVER outlook, or desktop mail.

After the attack,
I saw that all my accounts were used as origination points to other users, generating 20-100 message transfer failures per day per account.

I just marked it all as spam.

I can see why they would be worried that it would have gone further, and induced a virus, but I for one WOULD HAVE been happy to try and do it.

THESE spammers NEED to be STOPPED

To quote Wired
In the message to Wired News, the self-described Russian spammer said "attacks" sent by computers running Blue Frog, the tool installed on users' computers to send automated opt-out requests, are easy to handle, but time consuming.

"The point of it is to get Blue Frog software to stop turning its subscribers' computers into zombies that attack our servers," the spammer wrote. "If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please opt out first."

AND I hate them!

Markb in NJ
Double sigh

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