Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TecH: BlueFrog and Spammers fight and fight (updated 5/5)

OK. Blufrog.. aka (as of 5/5 9AM: Partially up)

5/5 does respond...
5/4 update. The IP address for (in the DNS registry) has been hacked and changed to (your localhost)
so you'll never get through.

Interesting, Said MarkieMark.

Bluefrog is a very interesting application Ive been testing on one of my machines.

It purports to do the following:
  1. take your email from your inbox (automagically too!)
  2. takes spam message processes it in their system
  3. then has your machine spit out a mesage to the spammer
    (with an encrypted email address)
and essentially (--if I understand correctly reverse spams this message back to the spammer, (times 1/2 million subscriber names?) of spam receivers!)

The Bluefrog website is currently DOWN. No restore time, and all I can say is
BOYS, PLAY fair. I installed bluefrog on MY machine because I don't want all that spam.
Don't tell me you are sending me 20 spam messages day because I am using blue frog. I'll tell YOU spammers. Now that I see you're attempting to make MY machine YOUR spam target, I will tell EVERYONE I KNOW that they should download bluefrog from (when it comes up agaon...)

Source Article Here...

Download it HERE (but DONT install it until you know website is back up!
Sigh... Markbnj

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