Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Humor: Colbert STILL Digesting His Correspondents' Dinner Reception

Interesting, again in the Washington Post, Lisa de Moraes---: THE TV COLUMNIST, mind you
that John Stewart explained everything, when he disscused the Dinner.

But she manages to do it, by showing how she stupidly DOES NOT GET IT either! And I quote her
Comedy Central's faux news show host Stephen Colbert stupidly delivered a stingingly satirical speech about President Bush and those who cover him at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner because "he was under the impression they had hired him to do the thing he does on TV every night," Jon Stewart quipped last night on his "Daily Show."

Excuse me? was that Stupidly, YOURS lisa, or Jon Stewart's?

I told her If it was hers, we would need to refer her to the local "grammar Nazi",, (sigh.. My own flesh and blood, college aged daughter. She will proceed to rip out a new body orrifice for you just like she did to me, and she'll put a trophy up in her game room. Be forewarned...


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