Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Freedom: A partial LIST of charges against the CONSTITUTION

Here's a partial List of the potential CRIMINAL as well as MORAL CHARGEs against our incumbent PRESIDENT.

I was very disapointed that I heard NOTHING about the idea that BUSH wants to institute a NATIONAL Identity card.
Gee. What a Shame.

Why didnt you even MENTION this in passing? THIS IS The BIGGEST issue that came up last night.

Think of it as a pattern.

First he starts a war that NO one wants,
INCLUDING the intelligence Community.
Then he invents a reason for the war (WMD) none exist.
Then he puts TOO few people in the war to be successful
Then he starts eavesdropping on phone calls that
originate OUTSIDE of the US. WITHOUT court OVERSIGHT
THEN he starts to analyze EVERY single phone call going
into and out of the UNITED states, by ASKING the phone
Companies (or more accurately STRONG-ARMING them) into
Selling their records to the NSA. WITHOUT COURT OVERSIGHT
THEN he has the MEDIA' (ABC News) reporters TRACED and analyzed
WITHOUT court orders to allegedly find location of leaks.
Then he proposes a NATIONAL identity Card. We've NEVER
HAD one, and I am grateful he hasn't started implementing
THIS the way he did everything else.

Please at LEAST acknowlege the ID card issue, if not plan a new show around it! thank you

Markb in nj

PS: see my latest entry on blog, "Trolling" for NSA attention...

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Onyx said...

Well he isn't the first to propose this. It's been in the works for some time now. I first learned of it in about 2003 while in school. I don't think it's going to resolve anything and quite frankly scares the shit out of me.

I'll be glad when his term is over, that's for sure.

And why isn't held accountable for ANYTHING? I mean, geez, Clinton got into trouble for a freakin BJ, and this guy isn't held accountable for anything!!!!!

Okay end of rant (pant, pant)