Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ColBerT: Time's (continued) DENIAL of Colbert

Ana Marie Cox over at Time Magazine continues to insist that the backlash over Steven Colbert's presentation at April 29th's White house correspondent's dinner is a farce and a non-starter.

In a letter I wrote to her, commenting on her column (above), I say:
My Apologies to Ana Marie cox, however, she says the "fake controversy" over Colbert's attack on the President's policies came to a "low" point when the poll at gawker (11,000 votes, 9700 funny, and 1340 not funny) showed 87% of voters thought this was a patriotic act, rather then not funny.

I hate to point out the obvious, that the point isn't that it wasn't funny, but that the media, ANN included missed the humor, because they personally were ALSO attacked.
For Shame Ann. And by the way, I attacked the lack of response at 7am that Sunday morning, but i guess you don't read MY blog.
Perhaps, this is not the 'Blogosphere' whining, but a new political process you are seeing. If WE, as a political entity (the MASSES) now have our OWN printing press, maybe YOU need to finally PAY ATTENTION TO US!
The monopoly of the printing press is now over. If you and the other people who have monopolized this for the past 400 years Dont catch on, then YOU will become the victims.
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Dr. Nazli said...

Mark - well written! And did you receive a response from her?


Dr Nazli

Markbnj said...

Thank you for the compliment.
at my (somewhat overstated, i guess) advanced age (48) I still recall a number of rules that apparently have faded from common usage in english. (sigh).

My daughter (now 21) has an interesting reaction.
If anyone IM's her, and uses "l1te-speak"
to her, she just refuses to continue any conversation.
Even with me, if I accidently go "how are u?", SHE REPLIES and says, NO MORE CHATTING WITH YOU FATHER dearest...

I kid you not. She's rebelled and become a "GRAMMAR NAZI" (her words)


Markbnj said...

And, No, unfortunately I'd guess my response went right into the "bit bucket"