Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PoliTicS: Villanova Deletes file of Rumsfeld's RULES--Update 5-16

Amazing: Here's the text of a letter I just sent to Villanova University
I find it amazing that someone actually thinks they can ADJUST history by DELETING a file!

** as of 5/16 the file is back in place! mb

I've been using your school's copy of this document for about a month.
" "

You were the first site on Google's Search for "Rumsfeld's Rules"

Amazingly, enough, it disapeared from your server YESTERDAY!
(I checked your directory, and it was REMOVED!)-- there were other PDF files in the directory, but NOT that one.

Since this document is STILL available via google's Cache, I would appreciate your requesting that this file be restored from your backup tapes.

THE DOCUMENT will NOT go away, despite SOMEONE's attempt to delete it. DONALD Rumsfeld WILL have his day in the public press. AND you or your school will be noted for attempting to SUPRESS HISTORY!

PPS: I have been a unix/solaris administrator for many years myself. I know it may not have been YOU personally, but this WILL be reported, and it may not look so good for your institution if this is not resolved!

--Read the ORIGINAL source HERE:
Rumsy says:See my original post HERE. (all 13 pages of it)
*******update*** as of 4/25/06 THIS file has MYSTERIOUSLY disapeared from the server.

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