Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Adfreak: jogged my memory

OK. Baseball wants to get Squeaky CLEAN?


Pure and simple. NO MORE darn falsified records broken.

I'd make him an ultamatium.

Either RETIRE from Baseball NOW and you WILL be elegible for Hall of Fame AND we won't investigate any more...
You will NEVER be allowed to be submitted for HALL of fame. EVER. And any other records will NOT counted.
AND you will be subject to indictment, as well as possible criminal charges if you can't take the fall for baseball NOW...

YES it's hard AND CRUEL, but BASEBALL needs to COME CLEAN!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that banning Barry is ridiculous. If you do this, then all people who have used any type of substance should be banned from MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, etc. All of these sports and at all levels of each sport. People are speaking as though Barry invented these drugs, was the main supplier across the US, and used them too. We still have no proof of a dirty drug test. WHERE IS THE PROOF....THE FACTS...NOT SO CALLED TAPED CONVERSATIONS, OR ACCUSATIONS, BUT PROOF. Quit being idiotic. Drugs have been a part of sports forever....old ball players used to show up to the field drunk daily...did anyone want to ban them? SOMETHING TO PONDER....why did Barry have a great spring training? Is he still using now and not getting caught? One cannot believe that to be really the case can they? Why weren't McGwire and Sosa questioned like this? What about when McGwire and Canseco were the Bash Brothers, what about Brady Anderson, the Giles Brothers...these guys go from being average hitters to hitting 20-30-40 homeruns....why isn't anyone questioning them?

Markbnj said...

Banning Barry has to be the BEGINNING. NOT the end.

I think that Baseball's management has made TOO many mistEAKS in it's lax (or non-existant) drug policy previous to this year.

THE ONLY way to clean house is to start with BARRY, so that he CANNOT break the record later this year.

EVERYONE else needs to be privately encouraged to RETIRE immediately, so their records do not get asteriked
and notes stating these records were broken during a non-verified drug policy.

It's a matter of taking care of priorities FIRST Barry, because if he is allowed to break a record (hank aaron's I believe) EVEN if he DOESNT use drugs this season, should be questioned because of past usage.
OR Alleged past use of steorids.

SO to summarize, it's about the RECORD BOOKS, TRUST, and PROTECTING Baseball.

And Yes, McGuire and Sosa Need to be next on the inquisition list if THEY dont retire too!



Anonymous said...

Right now everything being said about Barry is speculation with ZERO substance....where is the dirty drug test? Never seen or heard of it...So, to me, MLB cannot complain because if they wanted to take care of this problem they had plenty of time to do so. The reason they are coming down so hard on Barry is so they don't look bad. You are telling me that if Barry is this big steroid abuser, they never knew...please...they are out to cover their asses. The reason McGwire and Sosa never came up as an issue is because it was a good way to get fans back in to the game. Barry is one man....why should he be the focus....and still I wonder....where is the bad piss test?

Markbnj said...

I won't disagree with your points.
However. Baseball (MLB inc.) Screwed up big time.
The REASON BARRY needs to be the scape goat is because he may break the Aaron (?)Record this year *... and if was a past year, yes McGuire and Sosa SHOULD have been banned.

IF MLB were to ban barry THIS year (ie, retire BEFORE you hit and break the record), it would allow baseball to essentially show that they WONT stand for these records to be broken under duress [or the spectre](of drugs/steroids)

So, it's NOT barry personally, but he was just in the wrong place at the WRONG time, and WITHIN spitting distance of a major MLB record he may break...
If he DOES retire, at least baseball can say (as of NOW!) we will NOT stand ANY records being broken with the threat or possibility of drugs)

It's a matter that MLB must confront.
Fans (especially the ones like me (NOT rabid, but occasional) fans will NOT stand for this hypocritical behavior otherwise!

Ya got a problem? deal with it.
(example: Bush? Ditch Cheney and Rumsfield... problems resolved! BUt just like Pres, I don't think MLB has the Balls to do it either!!!)

* forgive me, I'm not a baseball fanatic, if I get the names/records wrong.

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I agree. Ban Barry for good. In fact I believe it so much, I started a petition.


Sign it PLEASE!

(Sorry for the deleted post earlier)