Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Humor: Sex instead of $$$ for rent?

CraigsListHow did I miss this?

Apparently, the AP has reporters that have nothing better to do then to surf for interesting posts for us!

    According to reporters, you can find it all on craigslist...
  • In Atlanta, an ad offers a room in exchange for "sex and light office duty."
  • In Los Angeles, a one-bedroom pool house is free "to a girl that is skilled and willing."
  • In New York City, a $700-a-month room is available at a discount to a fit female willing to provide sex.
  • In Bradenton, Fla., townhouse seeks a "female that likes to be nude. Nothing more expected."
According to one ad;
They have to be attractive. I don't let just anybody come into my house," said Mike, in New York City

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