Friday, March 10, 2006

VeggiE: Artichokes and Steaming

Jordan was discussing a chance encounter in a supermarket, about being given an Artichoke recipe.
VeggieMAN to the rescue!...

I hope she told you that the BEST way to eat artichokes is by boiling them, and then dipping each leaf in a sauce, and then sucking thru your teeth, so the "meat" comes off in your mouth, but the leaf doesnt!

Important point. In order to be in blissful agreement with the Artichoke, you need at LEAST two different sauces for dipping. I usually use one butter/whatever based sauce (can you say GARLIC?) and one salsa or red sauced based one.

Rather then reinvent the wheel, I Googled, and found the first relatively decent recipe HERE on steaming them so I didnt have to reinvent the wheel

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