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PoliticS: Why Bush is a failure as a president.

What Bush Really Meant: The CEO president

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What the United States (and the WORLD) need to understand about our current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in Washington is:
    HE IS:
  1. A self admitted Drunk Driver

  2. A self admitted Cocaine abuser

  3. The First (and Last I hope) MBA (Master BIZ administration) President

  4. A REALLY REALLY Bad Manager

  5. One of the TRUE HANDS-OFF Presidents in the recent past

  6. Unable to admit he has made a mistake, despite the possible grave consequences

Why Bush has failed
My opinion of his failures (and why he is a failure as the MBA president)
In Managing, He delegates OK, but does NOT FOLLOW UP and or ADJUST to ensure the RESULTS are what he wanted.
He has Tragically chosen YES men, instead of men that will DELIVER the Results he seeks.

A Great deal of our President's Problems is that he delegates well, but has no grip of reality of what problems will arise...

Since he does not have the intellectual depth to understand the problems (depth and breadth) of the problem, he does not grasp possible problems, and what might happen.
Example: Bush came into office, and told his key staff he wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein. This begat, planning for the war, immediately after his second term started, as well as Incomplete plans for getting out of IRAQ.

Example: George W did not know anything about the Dubai Ports deal. This is because his staff either :
did not think W was capable of grasping the problems with it, if told in advance, or
Thought that since it was a financial transaction, it would stay below the radar of the press.

His first words on the matter were that he supported it, despite NOT having been informed of the deal and the deal's details.
ONLY AFTER a week or two did he actually admit that he had NOT known ANYTHING of the deal when he made his first comments.

THIS, SHOOT first, Ask Questions later is one of the KEY missing links in his presidency.

Delegation without Follow-up: Sec'y of Defense Donald Rumsfield, Alberto Gonsalves.
I would personally be very very embarassed if I were hispanic, and had supported gonsalves, as being his highest apointee so far.
EXCUSE ME.. This is the man who LEGALIZED torture with Mr. Rumsfield, and committed one of the worst acts of TREASON to this country in the past Century.
The fact that TORTURE was defended by Mr. Rumsfield, and NOT challenged by the Chief executive is tragic.

It's time for the criminals at the head of our government to be arressted and tried for war crimes.

This includes, but is NOT limited to President (George W), VP (Dick Cheney), as well as many people in the cabinet (Attny General, Sec'y of Defense), as well as PEOPLE who are the president's ADVISORS (CARL ROVE) who have deliberately flaunted and ignored rules protecting our nation's Intelligence Agents.

Predicted Charges:
George BUSH. Unilaterally Invading a soverign govenment, destroying a country, and instigating a policy and deliberately allowing TORTURE, in contradiction to the geneva convention.
Dick Cheney. SAME.
Carl Rove. OUTTING a CIA Agent (US charges, under next president).

This is a shame...

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