Thursday, March 09, 2006

TecH: New Product, New Virus

OK. In a nutshell.

New Microsoft Product (InfoPATH)
New Proof of concept virus released.

So what does this tell us?
ME? It tells me that no MATTER WHAT Micro$oft writes,
it is FILLED with BULLET HOLES that a VIRUS can slip thru.
YOU? Your mileage may vary... Source Article here!

ME? I remain someone who knows the following.
1) Bill Gates wrote ONE program in his life. A basic interpreter for early PC's. (All the other stuff,like DOS... Was PURCHASED from another company!
2) Bill and company have been in the right place at the right time many time in the history of microsoft
3) They buy most of their initial software.
4) Release 1.0 of any software by MS should be avoided
4a) Collary of rule 4. Version 3.0 should be considered the first "NON-Buggy" version of SW.
5) Features, NOT security, have ALWAYS been the focus of M$ products.
6) I will never be as RICH, influential, or important as Bill Gates, however I am happy.

'nuff said...

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