Thursday, March 09, 2006

TecH: Humor ? 419 scambaiting and 419eaters

Scams, Pfishing, BS. We all get it, ALL the time.

What is a 419, an AFF, and why are they always sending me this JUNQUE...

I've gotten tired (so far this week), complaining about our new Govenment Monarchy, the problems our emperor has avoided seeing, (just like his clothes), and so I am going to talk about something else today! is a great place to spend a few minutes OR a few hours.

If you don't know anything about 419 spams start at the link above, in the FAQ. It's a great place to learn about the 419 schemes.

Now. If you want to know what I think of one of the classic (original) SPAM baiter spams Read about the Church of the Red Breast

Note. You can start at the first page, and read the first 10 letters, and then skip to the end of the story.

It gives you a feel of how these spammers can be "re-spammed" themselves.

ME? I have too much to do, I have way too much confidence, that I would screw it up!

Bottom Line. In the chuch of the Red Breast, our hero Makes about $120 in cash
off the nigerian spammer. I say, every time you delete a spam message smile and think of them!

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