Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ready 2 VeggiE (3): Getting ready to say GOODBYE

In A Previous post, I talk about Bird Flu again! And I just wanted to add the following links to update it.

INTERESTING. Worldwide BIRD migratory routes

Now note, this does not look like it has 2006 data, and so far we've heard of reports from FRANCE, Israel, AFRICA, ASIA and Australia.
Just waiting for the Americas to start to check in!

Again, My feeling is that the US IS NOT immune from it.
This article says that a rumor that Bird Flu Closer to US is denied by the Mexican Government.
The GOOD news is that according to this article,the current bird flu strain does NOT seem to be transmitting itself to HUMANS.. (unless I guess you use the chicken head like a ball, like 2 kids who died in Africa did)..

Cheers (??)

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FRITZ said...

As a hypochondriac (self-diagnosed), I must admit: this is all rather scary. VERY SCARY. It is double scary when USA Congress/Senate has done nothing to help prepare for it.

On the other hand, so far, it is not being spread from human to human. Once that happens,then we shall have a real problem on our hands.

I hope that my health insurance is at least halfway decent.

I have tremendously enjoyed your comments on my blog, and am sorry it's taken a moment for me to get over here. Thank you for dropping by and being gentle with this ADHD individual. Actually, what's funny is that I suffer more from OCD and general theatrics. I'm pretty calm when I'm not hyped up on caffiene.

But that could just be a form of denial...I'm not sure, yet.
Take care!