Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ConsTiTutioN: Censorship -- in Iraq, in US, all over

Boing Boing: PRI's "The World" on SmartFilter's BoingBoing "nudity" ban

Boing boing is being censored by SmartFilter.
Brian Leher
Talked about it this morning too.
OK... I rewrote this (sigh) to compress several censorship topics from Boing Boing today.

a) They are being blocked as a nudity source by the smartfilter software (also used by countries as a filter.

b) our Boys on the front are being CENSORED deliberately... NOT RIGHT.

It seems that this is not appropriate. I think we need to start WRITING to our CONGRESSMEN and SENATORS in Washington, to complain about this blatent censorship.

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