Thursday, February 23, 2006

TecH: I want my BUBO... NOW

My first Bubo

is a prototype (DRATS) Game/toy/Gizmo aimed at 5-7 year old males (and at UBer sleek geekies (like me! (and you?)

Reading in detail it seems that Bubo is as a toy with "magic" powers that can cast spells and take control over innocent devices or other kids toys in its surroundings.
Wow. The owl's source of "magic" is a spell. Spells are hidden in infrared remote controls. Spells are a mapping of IR remote control commands into magic words.

It gets better. Wait!

Bubo constantly sniffs the air for IR transmission, intercepting and learning infrared commands from remote controls to their devices and acquiring their functionalities.

Bubo comes to a kid carrying a letter from a forgotten land. The letter tells about his legacy as an owl in the service of witches and wizards, and his special magic powers to cast spells.

The letter also explains how to interact with Bubo. In his spell book, Bubo carries three default spells that control a magic ball accompanying the owl.

Oh Shoots. I NEED my Bobo NOW!

Oh. Here's why YOU want one too!!!
When two owls (Bobo's) meet,
they are aware of each other's presence. They can engage in a wizardry battle for superiority. Once the Bobo casts a spell, it either temporarily loses its ability or reacts to that spell as though possessed with specific audio or tactile feedback.


Can you imagine if these guys sign on for approval/modifications to the J.K. Rawlings Franchise, and it becomes the "Hogwarts Magical Training OWL"????
neat... I need two .... OR THREE...

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