Friday, February 03, 2006

RanDom: Random Story on DMV's

OK. Just wasted 5 hours this morning.
Here in NJ, you call/schedule a web appointment to get your car inspected (next day or later, at YOUR alleged choice of times.

So asked for 915AM appointment, was there at 845 AM.
Van in front of me didnt have appointment, and blocked the 2nd lane entrance.

When I saw the woman waving her arms at the driver of the van, I moved up to the (empty) second inspection lane. Wrong move.

After watching the empty lane for 5 minutes, noticed that the Van was told to leave, and he needed an appointment.

After the second car pulls in behind the line, where the van was, I discover I am being ignored. Ask the agent if this line is open, and explained I thought that she signaled me over with a hand motion when she was talking to the van driver.

You'd think I killed someone. No. You just can't come over here on the line, there's a line, and you need an appointment.
By this time it was 950AM, and I said, look I was on line. how about I just wait until the car in front of me is finished, and I will pull out, and double park in the street until there's a space?

No. You have to wait on the line.
But I was on the line since 845 this morning, and I was sitting here patiently in the lane next to you for 20 minutes while you were talking to the van.

Car pulls through, I back my car into the street. I then wait for opening in line.
(No way I was going to go back and wait another 1/2 hour.)

Then as I pull forward, I say, look, if you have a problem, could you speak to the supervisor? I really don't think I am being unreasonable here.
Her answer? putting a safety cone in front of My car, and closing the lane.

Supervisor: So what's the problem? ME: I was here at 845, patiently waiting in line doing my crossword puzzle. The van that was here two cars before me htat she sent away was blocking the second lane, and I thought that when the lady was talking with her hands, that she was signaling me to lane 2, so I drove up.
But she didnt take me, and it was 20 minutes, when I realized I was in wrong lane, and Ireally didnt think it was fair to go back.

Supervisor: oh, all right.
Asks another person to do me.
Person #2
License, registration, insurance card:
Ugh. 1 and 2 are fine.. Insurance card? in My car? I don't change insurance companies PRECISELY because I never have updated cards in the car. (well almost...)
Bottom line?

I sheeplishly smiled and apologized to the first lady, and said if it makes you feel any better, that's my punishment for being so insistant on being taken, now I can't even do this today.

As I am pulling away, I notice that my cell phone is not plugged into my headset.
Missing Cell phone.
Pull over, spend 10 minutes searching entire car.
No way.

I did manage to fill up two bags of garbage with stuff from under seats, etc.
But no cell phone.
No Insurance Card.

Oh well. I'm not a youngster anymore. No crying allowed. Lick your wounds, get up, and set a good example. Drove over to insurance agent, decided to look in the rain again for both phone and insurance card.

50% success rate. I found the card.
OK. Choice? Go back, eat my pride and ask supervisor if anyone found cell phone.
Did that. Told her I had two questions:
1) I found insurance card, did she recommend going on line again, or doing it another day? She said didn't matter, was my choice.
OK, second question, did anyone happen to find a silver cell phone? But you didn't even get out of your car, she said. No such luck

1/2 hour later, I am called again, and hand all three items to a third employee, and ask did anyone happen to find a Cell phone today? And what happens?
The Supervisor walks over, and says, it just made its way to the front just now..

I joyously said thank you, and that I have definitely learned a lesson.
What's the Lesson I learned?
---> I still hate DMV departments (they're equally bad no matter where in the country you are!) BUT I promise to stay on lines and stay out of arguments again.

Oh, and the car ACTUALLY passed inspection this time!
(Last time it failed because I had some tape on my roof!
Sigh. the more things change, the more they remain the same!

It's now 1145AM, and a full morning ruined.

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