Friday, February 03, 2006

ConstiTution: Patriot Act Extension

Oh. The patriot act isn't dead yet. Darn.
The senate decided to extend it another 5 weeks until March 10th.

Perhaps after the NEXT extension (into april) the thickwits in power will realize that Congress needs to CAREFULLY look at the USAPATRIOT act, and carefully remove and change some key offensive portions.

Remember that this was bill was passed by congress in the few weeks after September 11th, and was NOT even voted on in FULL format by the House and Senate.

(This brings up the latest Republician problem, that the house-senate conference committees are NOT inviting democrats to these committees, and they are PLAYING around (like inserting the Alaska Anwar OIL drilling amendment onto the PATRIOT act during the house-senate conference committee [This actually happened this past December!]--THANK heavens the senate found that one and vetoed it!)

I personally think that dirty tricks like these are dangerous. They may wind up coming back to bite you in the rear one day.

At any rate Patriot act is alive for another 5weeks. I predict a total of 7 five week extensions before the final bill is completed.

Can't wait for monday's hearings on the "terrorist survailance Act of BUSH" or "why I violated the law, and survived to talk about it!"

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