Sunday, February 26, 2006

ConstitutioN: Utah tries to make video games Illegal !

Utah Goes too FAR OK. This is SICK.

Don't the leglislators in the Utah House have better things to do then to make receipt of violent video games a crime?

{Soapbox mode ON:}
1) If a video game is VIOLENT, who defines violence?
2) does this make viewing Arnold Schwartzneger movies Illegal?

I would argue that NO children should be allowed to watch ANY of his movies, as they are all too explicitly violent too!
3) Does this give ME(if I lived/worked in UTAH) the RIGHT to ARREST someone who lets THEIR child play an M or X rated game?

4) Does this make a game rated TEEN, because it only has the body blow up, instead of go RED with blood MORE acceptable?

I find this quite offensive! Save our free speech!

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