Thursday, February 02, 2006

ConstiTution: Freedom of Speech -- ILLEGAL wiretapping NOT security!

I firmly state that I am an American. This means that just like you, if you were born and raised in this country, I learned in school that there are three separate and distinct branches of government in this country. The Congress. The Judiciary, and the Executive Branch.

It seems like we have a slight problem currently going on in our country.

NO, now, It seems that we have a HUGE PROBLEM on our hands.

The way (I, again as a layman) see it is simple:

  1. The Congressional branch of the Government issued a law, and said law was signed into law by the President of the United States of America.

  2. This law has specific and EXTREMELY detailed procedures for exemptions to the law if necessary.

  3. The Current President of the United States has deliberately, and willfully (and continues to WILLFULLY) IGNORED this law, thus violating and unbalancing this country.

  4. The President has NOT ONLY ignored it, he has FULLY ADMITTED violating this law, and is WILLFULLY FLAUNTING it in public

  5. Rather then admit he was wrong; he has REWORDED this (and repositioned this in the public eye) as an issue of National Security.

  6. I see this as a much SIMPLER issue for IMPEACMENT (and CONVICTION), rather then of having inappropriate relationships with someone other then his spouse.

Problems with Impeachment:
It won't work unless Dick Cheney resigns first. Fat chance of that happening, as he (in MY personal opinion) is pulling ALL of the strings in the current government.

Problems with letting the President Re-Position this as a National Security Issue:

  • The three legs of the country become TOTALLY unbalanced; especially with the Supreme Court now re-positioned with two BUSH appointees.

  • Civil rights are now totally shot.

  • This might actually one day (soon) lead to CIVIL war.

Am I being too Pessemistic? No. Because:
If you have a bad day, and get in a fight with someone in power :

  • you might find yourself added to the list to scan your inbound and outbound communications.

  • You might find that the IRS has decided to examine your tax returns and deductions

  • YOU MIGHT find yourself (silently, and without a possibility of finding out) declared a "NATIONAL security Risk"

  • Heaven forbid this should ever happen, but... One day you might be arrested, or more accurately detained as an "ENEMY COMBATANT"

What I am trying to say, is that the declaration of our President that HE alone is the arbiter of what IS AND is not appropriate to call terrorism or a TERRORIST is very suspect.

Every time I think of this, I remember back to when Hitler was elected to power in Germany in the early 1930's. (and I shudder!)

  • He didn't start out by gassing the Jews.

  • He started out by reducing the RIGHTS of the German citizen.

  • He banned private ownership of weapons.

  • He started socializing that there was a specific population in the country that was NOT GERMAN, but was a DIFFERENT social and ECONOMIC group

Does this last one SOUND familiar? It should!
CAN you IMAGINE what could happen in our DEMOCRACY if "ENEMY COMBATANTS" were automatically denied all rights we expect as citizens?

As I say, the changes were gradual, but some alert members of the society noticed them, and had their passports ready, and were out of Germany very early.

I fully expect that by this post, I will now be considered and Branded an enemy of the state, even though I am just expressing my first amendment rights to free speech.

However, my passport is ready, and I understand that this country is about to turn onto itself.

For those who think I am whining, just remember. George Bush DID NOT win the election in 2000. He was appointed head of our government by the Supremes. Now that two/thirds of the govenment is under Mr. Bush's Control, I see our CONGRESS as the next target.

Can CONGRESS successfully hold UNBIASED hearings on this problem? More in another post

I PRAY That I am wrong, and that none of this EVER comes to pass. I worry because these outcomes so drastically affect our country, that simply the FEAR of losing this country's democratic institutions will destroy our country.

What can I do?

  1. Complain to EVERY elected official you can. Make sure that you say that the President LIED to this country. Don't let them change it from a LIE to a "national Security Program".

  2. TELL EVERYONE you know that the VERY foundation that our COUNTRY was established on is subject to destruction because of the wanton tampering currently going on.

  3. TELL EVERYONE you know that it is not a "NATIONAL SECURITY Program" but a VIOLATION of the laws of the UNITED States.

  4. Don't let ANYONE tell you it's in our country's best interest to capture Terrorists. If they tell you they support the President, make sure you tell THEM it's a matter of OUR COUNTRY's SURVIVAL as a democracy. Make sure that ANYONE who accepts the relabeling of this crime as suggested by our president is told that the President LIED about EVERYTHING. Including WMD, TORTURE, THE VP, ENRON, Energy Policy, IRAQ

  5. PROTECT OUR Democracy. Don't let EVERYONE in the country become the next target of the president.

  6. I hate to say this, because it will seem very political, but we MUST defeat and REMOVE the Republican Majority in Congress. It is our ONLY CURRENT chance to limit the damage this president can do to our country.

A STRONG CONGRESS of the opposition party WILL HELP OUR DEMOCRACY survive this crisis!