Thursday, September 24, 2009

More on Republican "so called" Republican dirty trix


Right after last night's story that I posted about the Fed Worker that was found hanged in Kentucky, with the word "FED" on his chest, I found this delightful, yet esoteric article in the book review section of this week's NEW Yorker, discussing of all things, The Dreyfus affair (talk about ANCIENT history)

Yet, this article DOES matter. In it, Adam Gopnik makes a very interesting point.

First he introduces Louis Begley's new book, “Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters” (Yale; $24).
And then he cuts to the chase. Mr. Begley discusses the Dreyfus affair, and uses it as a metaphor for showing and warning us, as a "pointed warning and reminder of how fragile the standards of civilized conduct prove in moments of national panic."

Well. I am going to skip a great deal of Mr. Gopnik's article, discussing why it does matter, what happened, and why the USA (think Guantánamo Bay) has similar problems. You can read the article (even if you don't subscribe--use the link above!)

Gopnik makes a very astute point, which is as valid today (Rush Limbaugh and associates) as it was 100 years ago.

He says,
"The trouble was that, like most happy endings, the happy ending was not the end. The good guys won in a way that only made the bad guys worse.

As with Watergate, the immediate outcome of the affair gave a misleading impression of unanimity; in truth, while the good guys thought the other guys had absorbed it as a lesson, they had merely resented it as a defeat."
This reminds me SO SO much of the what I think of the disloyal opposition party, in their new scare tactics against Health care, so called Tea parties, and the birth certificate experience, that I cannot help but use my common sense, and create a new mental arithmetic for myself that shows that all these items add up to a new state of DENIAL for republicans in the USA.

Combine that with the fact that they are now the minority party, and that could easily mean that
we will have :

No health care reform
No meaningful anything in the next few years.

And again, as I have said all along, the republicans are the party of NO Health CARE reform.

Six times in sixty years, and now close to a seventh time killing it.

Let's bring back the fairness doctrine to the radio and television airwaves.
that would mean Fox News might actually live up to it's so called motto of "Fair and Balanced", instead of the right wing spin it puts on EVERYTHING.

Augh. (yes I know talk like a pirate day was LAST week!)

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