Sunday, January 11, 2009

MidEast on Fire: Hamas can't Play Honest!

Here's an interesting video.
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WATCH: IDF uncovers booby-trapped school next to Gaza zoo

Last update - 22:37 11/01/2009 (1-11-09 for those internationally impaired among us!)

The school, located next to a Gaza zoo, was entirely surrounded by a fuse connecting to the explosives. Inside the abandoned classrooms, IDF troops found a number of weapons.

"We are continuing to confront a mad reality of boobytrapped tunnels, boobytrapped schools," IDF spokeswoman Avital Leibovich said. "In one district of 150 houses, more than 30 were boobytrapped. Hamas boobytraps every house that residents leave."

Leibovich said residential neighborhoods in Gaza are riddled with homemade bombs and booby traps, including mannequins placed at apartment entrances to simulate militants and rigged to explode if soldiers approach.


Palestine said...

The thing which you do not accept is that Palestine is occupied by invaders.
Those invaders had come from different parts of world.
The invaders will be defeated and Palestine will return to its real owners.
Just wait couple and years and you will see that in pare eyes.

Markbnj said...

I will NOT delete this comment. I actually encourage DIALOG...

There's an old joke, in which Secretary of State Colin Powell goes into the UN Security Council to discuss peace in the Mideast. He asks the Israeli representative to state his claim on the land. The Israeli diplomat says,
" My Ancestor Moses heard God's voice in a burning bush. He went to take off his shoes since it was a holy place, and a Palestinian stole his shoes". Hey, wait a minute, the Palestinian delegate said, "We never stole your shoes, We weren't even there". The Israeli replied, "OK, we've established that we were there first, and the arabs and Palestinians ONLY came to the land AFTER us...End of case."

And by the way:

If you look at the video, you'll discover that it is a SCHOOL that was turned into a BOMB...

And Again by the way:
We were there first. Way before you were ever there.

and...Sir WINSTON Churchill screwed up the world (Mid-East AND INDIA) when he was in charge of the remains of the OTTOMAN empire.

AND again.

You were in the land for less time, then we've been around.

sorry. I do REALLY want to have decent conversations.

Please be polite.
We are NOT invaders. As a matter of fact we BOUGHT all the land you claim to have lived on since the 1800's.
We bought it from the landowners who held title to it (in bagdad, in Damasus, In Turkey,etc.)

And just wait.
The entire Mideast will be destroyed if you cannot accept the UN TWO state RESOLUTION of 1948.

There must be recognition of the RIGHT of the JEWISH state to exist, based on the 1948 UN RESOLUTION...

Markbnj said...

One more question for you mr. "palestine".

Why were the residents of the west bank (and GAZA and Lebanon) in REFUGEE camps for twenty years under ARAB rule? Where were the Human Rights activists then?

Why didn't you complain about your Oppressors THEN, when they were your CO-RELIGIONISTS???