Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Telcomm and the LAW--ethics

Hey. I admit I am a former employer of what was once Ma Bell (AT&T), and is now half of the three part hegegomy of Qwest/Verizon/AT&T (all of which now own at least two of the seven RBOCs)

AT&T has (and had ) a Corporate code of ethics, called "the code of ethics", introduced in the early 1980's.

This code of conduct covered everything from working for competitiors (not allowed), to part time or second jobs(allowed), to doing a favor for someone (a police chief, for example) by making a telephone wiretap without the proper authorization (read legal authority). NOT allowed. Punishable on first offense by termination of employment.

So We're stuck, with TWO candidates that want to FORGIVE these telcomm companies
for this ILLEGAL act.

(Remember that ALL 7 RBOCS, came from Ma Bell, and had a very similar code of conduct at the time!)

Now both candidates are supporting the illegal wiretapping of citizens of our country

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