Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GM's Crash and Burn.. 7-14-08

Hey, so GM thinks that cutting costs, cutting employees, cutting the stock dividends,
and taking out big loans is the way to get out of this?

How about cancelling 90% of the SUV and truck production

and IMPORTIng 90% of the european cars you sell INTO the us??

Oh, and look HERE and HERE

and remember HERE ALMOST 2 years ago!!!!

I still WANT ONE!!! (A tesla!)

(In case you haven't seen this, I believe the CURRENT recession will become a BAD DEPRESSION (Just like the 1930's!)

We need a new deal.

We need to make sure that a number of issues are resolved ALL at once.
If we don't do them ALL at once, its like juggling three RUNNING chain saws, but dropping one!

We need to FIX:
* A Living Wage
* National Single payer Healthcare
* National 3-4 year draft (or alternate service)
* Federally paid Day Care starting at six months
* Tax Reform
* Lobbying (Political Reform)
* Education
* Infrastructure
* Lack of Training/futures

See my other blog: http://sos-newdeal.blogspot.com for more details on rebuilding society.

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