Thursday, June 19, 2008

Torture (Terry Gross 6-19-08) 4-14-09 update

(4-14-09: Added link to show, as well as other links from Terry Gross' about Torture (at end)

Terry's Guest (6-19-08), international lawyer Philippe Sands
explains that the precedent for a future prosecution of BUSH administration
officials for TORTURE, comes from the precedent set when August Pinochet ,arrested in Britan, on a Spanish arrest warrant.

He essentially says that any country that receives a warrant (for a potential war crime) MUST enforce it, so that ANY country must enforce this arrest warrant.

And this means that Torture (bush) ADMINISTRATION WILL be brought to JUSTICE AFTER they are out of OFFICE.

NO pardons UNLESS there is a TRUTH and Reconciliation commission...

Look in detail.... Indict, and Execute these purveyors of TREASON

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