Monday, June 30, 2008

MidEast: The Ultimate Peace Plan

How's this for an idea?

The ultimate solution for the Middle East (read Israel/Arab states) problem.

It's simple, not a one state solution, but a two state solution.

Hey, going back to the 1969 borders isn't good... Going back to the 1967 borders ISN'T enough

It's time to go back to the 1948 borders.

Yes, I said the

1948 borders

That is the Two state solution proposed by the United Nations in 1948.
Two separate states, one Jewish, one Arab for the solution of the mandate administered by Great Britain.


In 1918, (World War I), the Allied Powers defeated the Turkish (Ottoman) Empire, and created today's modern middle east.

Complete with the Oil crisis, (hint: Lawrence of Arabia was after oil!), political mis-deeds, and ignoring the desires of the local population, the British rule of the
Palestinian Territory (or the British Mandate, as it is commonly known) was a terrible crisis in itself.

Arab resentment against Jews did not start in 1967 after Israel occupied the West Bank. No, there were "pogroms", against the Jewish settlers of Palestine as early as 1919.

In one especially memorable moment, a future leader we'd one day call, "Sir", took the political initiative to take one of the leaders of the Arab riots against the Jews, and offer him a very sweet deal to leave. The highest authority of the land, British High Commissioner Winston Churchill decided to offer the instigator of this riot land, (far away from the riot's location in Jerusalem) if he would go there for good.

Unfortunately, this arbitrary decision by Sir Winston forever ruined the effective two state solution, because he took exactly half of the mandate's territory, and gave it to the Mufti of Jerusalem, in what became the state of Trans-Jordan. (Today known as Jordan).

More on 1948
The UN in 1948 understood that the two sides needed to be separated.
That is why they offered one quarter of the remaining mandate territory to both sides, for an equal Jewish and Arab state.

Jews Yes, Arabs No.
Well you know the rest. The Jews chose to call this land Israel. The Arabs chose to NOT take the land, figuring they could kill all the jews and take ALL of the land instead.

Guess who lost? Not the Jews, but the Jews. Well, technically we won, but we lost, since we didnt have anyone that wanted to acknowledge that we actually existed.

Fast forward 1948 to 1956.
War Number two: Over the Suez canal and Sinai.
Israel captured the canal, as well as the entire sinai after a second war was declared. Israel made the mistake of listening to the world powers and giving back the land captured, hoping for peace

Fast Forward 1956 to 1967
War number three. Once every ten years. This time Israel destroyed the entire Egyptian air force on the ground. We captured much of the territory that was mandated by the UN to be JEWISH land in the 1948 plan.

Fast Forward: 1980 Israel again gives back large amounts of land for peace
We gave the ENTIRE Sinai desert back to Egypt, in return for what is today called a "cold" peace...

The Ultimate peace Plan?
Use the 1948 borders. Tell the arabs that all arab nations must agree to this.
take the LAND from the 1948 proposal and give to the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, for Jordan, a good deal of that land was annexed (stolen) from the Palestinian state by Jordan in 1948, when they declared war on the new state of Israel.

Perhaps we should also go back and undo the 1924 granting of half of the mandate's land mass to trans-jordan...(aka jordan).

Duh... The real peace is with the 1948 borders, when the ARAB states agree to what was proposed SEVENTY years ago.

They could have had peace seventy years ago.... but chose to act as the oppressed peoples instead.

Let's go for 1948 as our peace solution!

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