Friday, September 28, 2007

RacE: 'Jenna 6' update

OK. Michael (spelled Mychal) Bell is out of jail, on $45,000 bail.

Now it's time for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to be assigned

Said Special Prosecutor would investigate:
  • The White group's hanging of the Noose(es) on the tree
    • Civil Rights violation
    • Hate Crime
  • The local DA/Prosecutor
    • Bigoted by design?
    • His comments saying, "we can ruin your lives"
      • Hate Crime, or just stupid
  • The Black response to fist fights.
  • The White and Black residents of Jenna.
    • Are the Whites smoking Crack?
      • They claim to have good race relations.
This is insane. The Damned D.A. is NOT being fair, he is NOT being honest.

A rebuilding job is required.

We need a non-profit, NON-church alligned (or church that understands OTHER religions)
to do the following
  • Start a weekly pot-luck supper.
  • Start an inter-racial social hour for teens
  • Start an inter-racial sports league.
  • Invite a family to dinner program
It;'s only by becoming open that we can start to erase these travesties of Justice.

Mark Brown in NJ


Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head by asking if the whites in the little town of jenna are smoking crack. i think they should all take a drug test just to make sure the prosecutor and his so called family witness are mentally competent to handle this case.

Markbnj said...

Thanks for stopping by, hope you will subscribe to the feed.


I need more ideas on how to rebuild this community.

I really do think that this attitude
of what I'll call, "Good-Ole-Boy-Racism(™) need to be resolved and repaired.

How can we do this.

I admit that I don't have a lot of contact in my personal life with the blacks in my community, but I don't go around condoning such racist behavior either.

Maybe my ideas of a national 3 year draft/service program for ALL "YOUTE*" after graduating High School is a good start.
If the kid is from the south, ship them to the Northern Cities, and Vice Versa.


*(rent the movie, "My cousin Vinny"--It's great!and stars the late great ?? Wynne (aka Herman Munster) as the judge... rated 10 stars!)