Monday, July 16, 2007

Internet Safety: Vigelente justice: Hacker bites Judge

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The reg says it best: Ex-judge jailed for child abuse

The basic plot:

A hacker called "Omni-Potent" planted (a) Trojan *, which posed as images of child abuse on newsgroups frequented by paedophiles, in 1999.

...(my comment) The trojan then infected the pc's of whoever downloaded the pictures....

The Hacker, or vigilante, then began obsessively monitoring the activities of the 3,000 suspected perverts whose PCs he had infected, focusing on those he suspected were planning to molest children, such as Kline.

The hacker then discovered explicit images of young boys on Kline's PC and, even more seriously, a diary detailing his fantasies about abusing young boys.

These (admitedly) illegal results, were passed to the police in 2000, who executed search warrants, recovering evidence from Kline's home PC and his court computer.

These in turn led to federal charges against Kline of possessing child porn and child molestation charges in state court.

The ex-judge fainted after receiving his sentence of 23 months after pleading guilty!

* Not a RUBBER silly, a trojan, as in a WORM/VIRUS!!

****What does this teach You and me?

Surfing inappropriate places (even just CHILD Porn) can cause GREAT pain...
Even if the evidence is obtained illegally

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