Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TecH: Do You back up YOUR work regularly?

Ok, so EVERYONE tells you to do BACKUPS, right?

Do you?

Guess what? The June (2007) Issue Of Business 2.0 was Deleted Before Going To Print

(to quote my daughter...) Heh. Heh.

TechCrunch reports that somebody goofed, and deleted the issue fromtheir servers...

Oh hell, Here's ONE Source:

A 2003 article (in Business 2.0) likened backups to flossing - everyone knows it's important, but few devote enough thought or energy to it.

According to an article in the International Herald Tribune (a NY Times company),
Last week, Business 2.0 got caught forgetting to floss.

On the night of Monday, April 23, the magazine's editorial system crashed, wiping out all the work that had been done for its June issue. The backup server failed to back up.

Good thing the magazine, based in San Francisco, is a monthly. "If it had happened a week later, we would have been in trouble," said Josh Quittner, the editor.

Until the night of the crash, the magazine had never had to rely on its backup server, Quittner said, so no one had noticed that its programming was either obsolete or dysfunctional, or both. Just last November, the magazine had listed off-site backup as being among "the usual precautions."

So they lucked out, they DID have a backup of the DATA, even though they needed to RE-DO the entire Layout of the June issue.

Do YOU have backups???

I admit, I've been caught in the past! (not recently though!)

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