Thursday, May 10, 2007

Racing: or is is PERSONALITIES? DEJ leaves DEI

OK. I am NOT a sports guy, who listens/watches football/baseball

Interesting story hit the wire, and I went WTF???

Earnhardt to Leave DEI After Season was the headline

So I said, WTF is DEI???

And I found the most SORRID, horrid, personal scandal in DAYs and DAYS..

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leave DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc), his (late) FATHER's company,
now run by his STEP-Mother

Why is he leaving? To quote him: Dale Earnhardt Jr., winning is everything. That's what his daddy taught him.
And by ditching his namesake company to find a more competitive ride, Junior gave his own lesson in life: Not even blood is thicker than winning.

NASCAR's most popular driver ended months of contentious contract negotiations with his stepmother Thursday, announcing he will leave Dale Earnhardt Inc. at the end of the season because he and Teresa Earnhardt can't agree on a common vision for the family business.
And it goes on...

"It is time for me to continue his legacy in the only way I know I can - by taking the life lessons that he told me: Be a man, race hard and contend for championships," Junior said. "That's what I intend to do, and I feel strongly that I would have my father's blessing."

Earnhardt had tried to reach a new deal with his stepmother. But the bargaining turned tense after she publicly questioned his commitment, and Junior later said their relationship "ain't a bed of roses."

So he'll move on, starting what should be a frenzied free agency period that could shake the sport by causing long-term ripple effects in driver salary and sponsor deals.

Earnhardt strongly believes his father's vision for DEI has been lost, and it's why he demanded 51 percent of the company during contract negotiations that started before the season began. His sister, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge, had set a deadline to get the deal done by the end of the month.

"We never even got close," he said. "It's not the guy who gives me the biggest paycheck. There's some things you can't get with money - peace of mind and satisfaction in what you do everyday.

Hmm. kind of makes Britanny and Kevin look like chump-change!

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It used to be about what the cars could do. Now it's just professional wrestling.