Thursday, April 12, 2007

Don Imus-- my 2 cents

OK. I am a native (and now old/ex) New Yourker (yes, that is the correct spelling for the accent)

As such, I was lucky enough to listen to DON Imus 40+ years ago, when he first came on the air

(as imortalized in the Howard Stern, "private parts" movie....

Don Imus became old history when Howard Stern Hit the PM airwaves (yes, after the Soupy Sales Show) 27 years ago.

He was history. He was damaged goods, He was no longer state of the art.

Just like Howard Stern became old history when O&A (Opie and Anthony) came into NY, about 10 years ago.

I said then (try googling it on slashdot... id was very interesting... melksuckz)
Howard SHOULD have RETIRED the DAY they came into NYC..

'Nuff said. except that I've been there. I was listening the day that Howard was fired from WNBC, and the day that O&A got canned from WNEW for being "insensitive" to the feelings of Catholics when they ran a listener contest titled, "Sex for Sam" which encouraged listeners to
go to St. Patricks Cathederal.

IT was a STUNT. GET over it.

DONT like it? DONT listen

WHAT about when JESSIE Jackson called ALL of NY City "HYMIE TOWN"????

I could give 30-40 examples.

It is ALL blown out of proportion...

And by the way.
IMUS (or Howard either) DOESNT need the money.

So Imus will go back west to his ranch, and continue to raise money for CHARITY.

WE (as listeners) all lose because of CENSORSHIP and inappropriate condemnation.

After all The REV. AL SHARPTON DID support the original HYPOCRISY of
his SUPPORT for TAWANA Brawley....

So... We get closer to BIG BROTHER seizing the microphone....
OY vey!!!

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naynayfazz said...

I can't agree with you more on this! I wanted to write about this on Monday and then didn't think it was appropriate because of the VT shootings. I can't STAND Al Sharton and the other yahoo. They are part of the reason why there is racism. People who seperate the races in such a way.