Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IronY: How He became a Pirate (ARGUH, Me Matey)

The Consumerist has a great feature on How a normal geeky Guy wound up a FULL FLEDGED PIRATE of music.

to quote the most succinct parts:
...snip...I sit ...snip...with a house filled with over 1000 vinyl records and around 800 CD's. If you figure about $12 per recording as an accurate average, that's somewhere around $20,000. Not a bad chunk of change for the music business, I say.

So I headed to Rhino's online store, purchased the music, and downloaded the files.

and the Customer Service person says...

"You don't understand," I said, "These files were not copied or pirated, I
actually purchased them."

"Well" (CSR air head) responded, "You didn't actually purchase the files, you
really purchased a license to listen to the music, and the license is very
specific about how they can be played or listened to."

Mark says
BULLSHIT. I purchased the Right to LISTEN to the music. BS that my vinyl needs to replaced.

I will replace it however I choose to...

(BTW, this was not me writing this article, but I totally agree with this guy!

Oh and HERE's the KICKER:
"Imagine the consumer response if Coke could only be consumed from specific Coke-approved equipment, and then only in the specific ways that the folks at Coke wanted the product to be consumed. "drinking Coke with fast food is no problem, but we must warn you that your license forbids the mixing of Coke with any alcoholic beverages..."

And YET, the Patent office (US PTO) has the "BALLS" to "release" the following BS report which sound JUST like the "COMPANY" line that the RIAA claims about file-sharing...

Gee, sounds like some folks need to understand the REAL reason why RIAA is dying!

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TrueJerseyGirl said...

Anyone can see the music industry is dying because there is no good music being made anymore.