Thursday, February 22, 2007

Trivia: 5 bar tricks

OK. Thanks to wisebread via Lifehacker for these 5 sure-fire bar bets. And I send my voice to wisebread here:

All of these hustles are called a proposition Bet. Basically, a proposition bet is a challenge which looks like it only has one outcome...and it always favors the person placing the wager.

That's because you know something the other folks don't. You know the 'challenge' is always going to go your way.
A show in Britain called "The Real Hustle' does these bets often as a way to show you how much fun they can be, and also how to avoid getting caught out by them. So, here we go. My Top 5 free drink hustles, in no particular order.

One: - The Magic Whiskey Trick

Two: - Keep It Under Your Hat

Three" - Carbon Copy

Four: - Measuring Up

This one is Tough. Watch first!

Just remember that MATH is a four letter word!

Five- One Shot, Two Coins

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